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June Kosloff 

is an artist and curator based in Manhattan and LIC.June Kosloff is a former music business executive with over 15 years of experience in marketing and sales focusing on artist development. June has worked with artists that include the Verve, David Bowie, Janet Jackson, and more. She’s is a Programming Director and Board member at Local Project Gallery Space in LIC, NY. June has curated multiple shows at Local Project, and created the "Music Under the 7 series in 2011 for emerging music. In 2014, she co-produced the Crossroads audio CD featuring emerging poets and musicians from all over the globe. She has curated shows at the Fountain Gallery, NYC, the Outsider Art Fair, the Metro Fair and others. Kosloff serves on the Steering Committee of the Fountain Gallery in NYC.


June’s art ranges from iconic animals to abstract mixed media, her work is in private collections, and continues to be shown in greater NYC. Kosloff is the executor of her late uncle Dick Lubinsky’s art collection, which has shown at the American Visionary Art Museum, Erie Art Museum, Fountain Gallery, and numerous art fairs. 



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